The FUN begins when you are taught how to ride your own personal X2 off-road Segway.  After a quick orientation and a few moments to get used to the Segway, you will be amazed at how easy this battery operated bike is to ride for young and old.  From here you will roll off with your tour guide.  They will cruise you through hand cut trails that run along salt water lakes and canals, educate you about certain fauna, wildlife, and sea life that live in the area, and eventually bring you out onto a picturesque beach where you will be wowed at the view of the calm waters and small islands that reside here.
At this point, RELAXATION will set in.  You'll have at least 30 minutes to sit down and relax in the sun and if that's not your style, then you may want to find the shady trees that adorn the beach.  If the ocean is more your thing you can wade out into the shallow waters to get your feet wet or do some snorkeling.  If you need to quench your thirst or have an itch to shop, don't hesitate to find the Segway Beach Hut and splurge on a virgin daiquiri or a t-shirt. 

From the beach, you are back on your Segway to finish out your tour.  But, don't worry, if you still want to have fun and relax then you are more than welcome to join us back at the beach to finish out your day.  You can catch the bus later.

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