Getting Around

Travelling between or within the Bahamas islands are a huge part of the overall experience.  Beautiful scenery, beaches, settlements and historic landmarks are a must see and compliment any Bahamas vacation.

Rental cars are a convenient and affordable way to explore on your own schedule. Prices can range from approximately $75 per day for a compact vehicle to approximately $115 per day for a minivan. For others, tour guides and private drivers are a relaxing way to sit back and enjoy the view.

One can not mention a vacation to the Bahamas without including the beautiful waters and beaches.  Boat rentals, guides and charters are available on every island.  For the more avid seaman who wants to have a Bahamas vacation surrounded by water, private islands and house rentals are available complete with your own watercraft.

Private charters, domestic carriers, boat ferries and specialty seaplane charters are available throughout the islands. The Bahamas is also an aviators playground for private pilots who can experience the exhilarating ride over the turquoise waters and emerald islands.

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