Travel Tips

The first thing to know is what island or islands do you want to visit during your Bahamas vacation experience.  There are 57 airstrips throughout the Bahamas and 24 of these airports are official Ports of Entry.  The second thing to know is the length of time and budget you have to spend.  An island-hopping adventure requires more time than a weekend rendezvous.

The international hubs of Nassau, Abaco, Exuma, Eleuthera and Grand Bahama are a good place to begin your travels.  From these islands there are a slew of regular domestic flights, charter companies and ferry services to conveniently get you from island to island.    Always allow enough time for ferries, taxis and other travel logistics when planning an island hopping vacation.  Resort owners and rental managers are a great source of reliable advice to get you safely and conveniently from place to place.  Always call the airline ahead of light time to ensure that your flight is on schedule.

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