The Abacos

Due to brilliantly clear and naturally protected shallow waters the Abaco islands are considered one of the top boating and sailing destinations in the world.

Abaco is the third most populated of the Bahamas islands and is actually a 120-mile-long island chain. Two major islands - Great Abaco and Little Abaco - make up the mainland with numerous small cays scattered offshore. These small cays form a myriad of bays, coves and protected harbors, many of which feature full-service marinas and resorts.

Elbow Cay, Abaco is home to the 120 foot high candy-striped historical Hope Town Lighthouse, built by in the 1860's. It is the focal point of the charming Elbow Cay settlement, a small village with quaint cottages painted in soft pastel colours.

There are four dedicated national parks in the Abacos. Also, as much of Abaco is covered by pine forests it is an ideal destination for bird-watching or hiking enthusiasts. The vast pine forests are also home to the famous Abaco Wild Horses, an endangered herd of horses descendent from Spanish Barbs.

Like most of the Bahamas islands Abaco has its share of amazing powdery, white sand beaches. In fact, the four-mile Treasure Cay Beach is considered a landmark of the Abaco Islands and is ranked as one of the top ten best beaches in the world.

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