Acklins / Crooked Island

Wildly Colorful

This will be our second vacation to Crooked Island.  Last year my wife and our closest friends spent a week on the island at a cute rental cottage called The Pink House at the southern end of Sea Horse Shores.

Every night just around sunset the turtles come in and feed on the sea grass just off the beach.  It could not have been more beautiful but this time we decided we wanted the service of a resort so we stayed at Pitts Town Point Landings.

We also came back for one specific thing, to catch a Permit. Our one day out in the boat last year Rick hooked a Permit on light fly tackle.  He did not land the fish but he has not stopped telling everyone about it.  The guide said Jimmy Buffet flies in on his sea plane and fishes these waters.

My first memory of the Bight of Acklins and the flocks of flamingoes wading through the flats is as vivid as if it were yesterday.  We knew if the wives were going to tolerate us fishing every day we would have to find special ways to pamper them.  I called Wilhemena in advance and asked her for ideas.

"Oh, they need to go snorkeling near Bird Rock Lighthouse and look for the giant sand dollars.  The water is crystal clear and the sand is so white, the sand dollars are everywhere.  Do you want me to make you some lunch for your fishing trip?" she asked, "I have some fresh wahoo my brother caught yesterday".

I suppose we'll have to sacrifice one day of fishing and explore the inland ruins at Hope House and Seaview Plantations and go to Marine Farm to see the old barracks with the cannons from King George's era.  We can always finish the day with a boat trip to the extensive caves on the north beach and lose our swimsuits in the sea afterwards.

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