The rich history, traditions and natural beauty have afforded the Bahamian people with more than enough reasons to celebrate.  Throughout the course of the year there are a variety of public holidays, sailing regattas, homecomings and other local festivals which are indigenous to each island. strives to update these events on our site so you won’t miss a beat.

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Mangrove Cay Homecoming & Regatta
Date: 05.07.2010

Homecoming is among the many festivals celebrated in The Bahamas by the locals and it symbolizes the coming together and uniting of the entire community. Highlights of this event are the Sprig Sailing races and the Mother’s Day church service.

The venue is Mangrove Cay, described as an island within an island. It is separated from North Andros by straits known as North and Middle Bight. This is one of the few places where a visitor can still get a glimpse of the way of life that characterized The Islands of The Bahamas half a century ago.

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