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How to Discover the Best Kept Secrets of The Bahamas

We continue to emphasize that every island is different than the next and the only way to get a real appreciation for this is to visit a couple of them.  We have teamed up with a variety of airlines, charters and places to stay to provide you with a diverse selection of exciting island hopping adventures.  These represent the best family, couples and group destinations with facilities and amenities to fulfill any travel connoisseurs vacation requirements.


Our island hopping section truly represents the "best of the best" - only the resources that our travel partners and hospitality industry professionals have personally selected and organized - to guide you to the best kept secrets in the Bahamas. Whether you vacation goals are indulging in the finest Bahamian cuisine, lounging on an exotic seaside bungalow or diving the most pristine walls and coral beds in our undersea world, this section is where to go and how to get there.

We conveniently have over 50 public and private airstrips throughout the islands and a small army of air carriers to comfortably and conveniently hop you around your favorite islands.  In addition to our local carriers there are numerous reputable international carriers from the US, Canada and the UK that can quickly and conveniently fly you to our various international hubs in the Abacos, Exumas, Eleuthera, San Salvador, Grand Bahama and Nassau/Paradise Island.

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