Each island of The Bahamas has developed its own unique fingerprint from the whispers of time and kisses of waves caressing the sandy shores.  When Columbus first discovered the new world and landed in the Bahamas he remarked at its beauty and wrote in his log, "During this time I walked among those trees, which was a more beautiful thing to see than any other I had ever seen: seeing so much verdure in such condition as it is in the month of May in Andalusia I wished to go and anchor at this point in order to land and see such a beautiful place: but the water was shallow and I could not anchor except quite a way from land and the wind was very favorable for me to come to this cape, where I now anchored, and which I named Cabo Hermoso (Cape Beautiful) for such it is."

There are so many beautiful and quiet places that cater to couples that want to have a special experience.  Private Islands and Boutique Resorts offer the most intimate environment and services for couples seeking to get the most out of their vacation time together.  Restaurants and privately arranged beach excursions are available on all islands.   Whether you are looking to rekindle lost time or connect on a honeymoon journey the Bahamas is blossoming with islands that are ready to exceed your expectations.

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