If you think counting all the beaches in the Bahamas is a big task, imagine trying to count all the coral reefs, shoals and dive sites around all the islands. Snorkeling is suitable for all ages and so long as you can swim and wear a mask you can enjoy the exhilarating benefits of floating on the sea and observing the dynamic world of the marine life below. The best way to know that you are finding the best sites is local knowledge and is all about local knowledge.

Our boutique resorts, rental villas and amenity companies all have staff that can accurately point you to the best locations to dive in and see beautiful coral heads, schooling jacks, angelfish, stingrays, starfish and the thousands of creatures that call our coral reefs home. Snorkeling is a great family activity and children will occupy themselves for hours on end exploring the underwater world. To maximize your snorkeling experience rent your home or resort directly on the beach with quick and safe access to a variety of snorkeling attractions.

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